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Tributes and Excerpts

Roger Kimball, editor of The New Criterion, offers his tribute to the late Sir Roger Scruton, British author, scholar and consummate gentleman:  “I delighted in witnessing his polemical nimbleness—it could be devastating—but unlike many able debaters there was an essential gentleness … Continue reading

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Rebels, Greeks and Pedants

I am venturing into Albert Camus’ The Rebel: An Essay on Man in Revolt with a mixture of curiosity and caution. I never quite know where Camus is going, and his thoughts are expressed in prose that is both dense … Continue reading

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Man Being a Creature Who Compares

Suffering from insomnia and looking for a hefty tome that I can studiously devote myself to (and distract myself from sublunary realities), I came across Cardinal Newman’s Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine. The first chapter begins with this … Continue reading

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Aristotle and Others

I am selectively browsing Aristotle’s Politics. In Book II he critiques the views of his own teacher, Plato, author of the utopian Republic. Aristotle challenges the assertion, in reference to communal ownership, that it is preferable that “the whole state … Continue reading

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The Anti-Intellectual Intellectual

“Often a simple answer is a wrong one.”—Josef Pieper Theodore Dalrymple, in Out Into the Beautiful World, discusses the opinionated erudition of English literary critic William Hazlitt (1778-1830). In treating of famous pedants, Hazlitt states: “There is no dogma, however … Continue reading

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At the Conference with Dalrymple

“Once you have reached a certain age and experienced the majority of all that you will ever experience, almost everything reminds you of something else.”—Theodore Dalrymple I should immediately point out, for fear of being accused of false advertising, that … Continue reading

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Secondhand Meditations

In a recent essay Theodore Dalrymple chronicles the decline of cigarette smoking. Although a couple generations behind him, I saw plenty of ashtrays growing up. Some offices still permitted smoking while I worked summers as a college student. Although I … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Brothers

Recently I came across a copy of an old essay by Theodore Dalrymple discussing the intellectual lives of Christopher and Peter Hitchens (“The Brothers Grim,” First Things, June/July 2010). Both men came from a postwar British collegiate background, exhibiting the … Continue reading

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A Modern Prejudice

That the rich are not protected from hate-speech proves that the one thing that speech codes are not designed to reduce or prohibit is hatred… —Theodore Dalrymple I cannot add a single cubit to Theodore Dalrymple’s prose. But like so … Continue reading

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Dalrymple on Snobbery

“Horrible old man! Who’s over him, he cries;—aye, he would be a democrat to all above; look, how he lords it over all below!”—Herman Melville, Moby-Dick Theodore Dalrymple comments with abundant irony on the enduring fascination that the American public has with … Continue reading

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