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The Importance of Thucydides

English author F. E. Adcock (1886-1968) was an old-fashioned scholar and author of the concise monograph Thucydides and History (1963). I am lucky to come across such gems as I dig through what remains of the old stacks at the … Continue reading

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Rebels, Greeks and Pedants

I am venturing into Albert Camus’ The Rebel: An Essay on Man in Revolt with a mixture of curiosity and caution. I never quite know where Camus is going, and his thoughts are expressed in prose that is both dense … Continue reading

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Rome and Carthage at War

The struggle between Rome and Carthage is one of the most fascinating of conflicts for the student of history and is full of memorable events and personalities—Hannibal’s crossing of the Alps, the strategy of the stolid and patient Fabius Maximus, … Continue reading

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Choosing a Book

I get restless if I don’t have a good book that I can look forward to at the end of the day. A lot of things go into choosing the requisite tome. I like works that are mentally stimulating without … Continue reading

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Permanency in Human Affairs

The notes that I had saved up for recent commentaries have been sequestered by an uncooperative home computer. So until that difficulty can be resolved I will offer some thoughts from the essay “Permanence,” in Hilaire Belloc’s volume The Silence of … Continue reading

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Donald Kagan: Greeks at War

Many and terrible things happened to the cities because of [political] faction, such as happened and always will happen so long as the nature of human beings is the same.—Thucydides In his acclaimed study of the Peloponnesian War, Donald Kagan … Continue reading

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The Book

I remember reading an essay by Roger Scruton extolling the virtues of reading a book—not a slew of books or a lot butchered and randomized excerpts from books. What Scruton means, as I recall, is that a student should be given the … Continue reading

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