This is the Last

“Nowhere can man find a quieter or more untroubled retreat than in his own soul.” — Marcus Aurelius

Traditionally I have taken a break from blogging at the onset of Lent, and this moment provides a particular sense of closure. I have been commenting online for the past twelve years. I have little or nothing to add to what I’ve already written… but still a great deal more to learn. To quote a book I’m reading at the moment about the teachings of Confucius: “The aim of all learning is its practical efficacy.” We must not merely “acquire information about something but… make it our own.”

On that note, I want to thank my readers and announce my retirement of this publication so that I can spend more of my free time on other pursuits. In closing, I should call to mind once more the great Samuel Johnson, who was the original inspiration for this journal. Most apt are these lines of his final essay in which he says:

It is very happily and kindly provided, that in every life there are certain pauses and interruptions… points of time where one course of action ends and another begins; and by vicissitude of fortune, or alteration of employment, by change of place, or loss of friendship, we are forced to say of something, this is the last.

For more about the books and idea that have inspired this blog, please see my notes on “reading.”

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