Nothing More than Feelings

“Sir, don’t be duped by them any more. You will find these very feeling people are not very ready to do you good. They pay you by feeling.”—Samuel Johnson

The good doctor’s quip was apropos to a discussion I had with friends and family. It was noted that the use of derogatory references to the mentally or physically handicapped is strongly censured. It is even grounds for social ostracism. Yet to advocate the euthanizing of these same disadvantaged individuals is not only widely acceptable but is deemed by many to be quite “enlightened.”

Clearly there is a disconnect. Or is it that in today’s hyper-sensitive world order, it’s all about how you feel about what you do and not the actual rightness or wrongness of it? Since Johnson hated sentimentality (à la Rousseau) it’s a good guess what his answer would be.

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